Laser Marking

The Mark of Technology

TYKMA™ laser markers from MB Metal Technologies provide part marking solutions that are easy to integrate, flexible and cost effective. This wide range of industrial lasers is ideal for product identification for any application, material, surface and composition. Plus, you get MB’s commitment to service.

Minilase™ – Powerful, Simple Marking

Minilase Laser Marking System

Laser Marking, Simplified

If you’re tired of complicated laser marking systems and expensive service calls, the TYKMA Minilase™ Laser Marking System is just for you. Maintenance-free Minilase™ arrives fully assembled in one box. Simply follow our “Quick Start Guide” and within minutes, you’ll be set-up and ready to mark.

Minilase™ XL

Revolutionary Laser Marking, Versatile Configuration

MiniLase™ XL offers a larger workspace and an open interior for maximum flexibility in a desktop solution. In addition, MiniLase™ XL is equipped with our ergonomic features such as the three side pneumatic vertical door, power focal height adjustment and auto-mode for high volume applications. A service override key and safety warning lights allow for an open door Class 4 marking capability for larger components.

Minilase™ Manual Laser Marker

Unpack and Play

No more complicated laser marking systems and expensive service calls. Maintenance-free Minilase™ Manual arrives fully assembled in one box. Simply follow our “Quick Start Guide” and within minutes, you’ll be set-up and ready to mark.

Minilase™ Manual is ideal for single or multiple part marking on all metals, carbide, painted or anodized materials and plastics. program and mark text, graphics, barcodes, 2D, Data Matrix, UID codes and more with our easy-to-use Minilase™ Pro SE Laser Software.

Zetalase™ – Powerful, Robust Marking

Zetalase™ Fiber Laser Marker

Robust, Economical, Flexible

The Zetalase™ Fiber Laser Marking System offers more value-added features than any other system on the market. Air-cooled and maintenance-free, this powerful, full sized MOPA fiber laser system operates on 115-220VAC for low power consumption. Backed by a three year warranty, Zetalase™ ships fully assembled. It’s ideal for single or multiple part marking on all metals; carbide, painted or anodized surfaces and most plastics.

Laser Marking Software

Minilase™ Pro Software

Intuitive, User-Friendly

Using Minilase™ Pro SE is so simple, you can train yourself. Software installation for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit is easy and fast.

Once installed, the software automatically detects the USB connection to your Minilase™ System, and you’re ready to go. Included video tutorials and the software user guide enable you to create and program in a few short hours.

Custom Software Solutions

Distinct Challenges, Unique Solutions

When your needs exceed our standard software package, let TYKMA™ create a custom software interface from the ground up. Designed completely to your specifications, our custom interfaces enable advanced network data retrieval, detailed photographic part fixture instructions and displays, operator restrictions and password protections, data entry via barcode scan and more.


Laser Mini Rotary Attachment

All-Around Flexibility

Designed to provide 360° laser marking access, the Tykma Rotary Attachment adds radial laser marking capabilities to the TYKMA™ Laser Marking Systems. It eliminates challenges associated with marking around part diameters and is easy to use. The Pivoting Chuck design allows marking of both the inner and outer diameters of a part. The 3-jaw chuck can be easily replaced with any other commercially available OEM chuck.