We make a great impression.

From simple marking systems to sophisticated computer-driven machines, MB Metal Technologies offers a wide selection of models to meet countless industrial manufacturing needs. We also offer product-compatible accessories and rental equipment.

Synonymous with part marking and traceability; MarkinBOX, Patmark, and MB Metal equipment lines are reliable and durable. These quality models are designed to enhance the efficiency of product marking, identification and tracking while maintaining low operating costs.

Dot Pin Marking

The Mark of Precision

Versatile Dot Pin Marking Machines from MarkinBOX & Patmark comprise basic components to deliver extraordinary permanent part marking performance. Robust construction, a variety of sizes and computer-controlled capabilities provide reliable, highly consistent service for industrial part marking applications.

Impact Marking

The Mark of Productivity

MB Metal Technologies impact presses combine both compression and impact to deliver a consistent mark to the piece part. These models are adjustable by increasing or decreasing compression of the impact spring, or by changing to another of the various supplied compression springs.

Laser Marking

The Mark of Technology

From the makers of MarkinBOX and Patmark, the first 3 in 1 Laser, MarkinLASE, a versatile option in Laser Marking.

Inkjet Marking

The Mark of Portability

Compact, lightweight and wireless, the MB-EBS250 Portable Inkjet Marker puts marking convenience in the palm of your hand. Weighing in at less than two pounds, this durable, technologically advanced model marks numerous substrates quickly and easily.