Pin Marking

The Mark of Precision

Versatile pin marking models from MB Metal Technologies comprise basic components to deliver extraordinary permanent part marking performance. Robust construction, a variety of sizes and computer-controlled capabilities provide reliable, highly consistent service for industrial part marking applications.

Bench Top & Integrated Pin Markers

MB3315S Portable/Bench Top/Integrated Pin Marker

Compact, Fast and Flexible

While small in size, the MarkinBOX 3315S (MB3315S) is a big deal in part marking flexibility and functionality. Compact and lightweight, the MB3315S can be positioned at any angle with the marking head directly on any area that needs to be marked. The model is easy to use and its ergonomic design features easy-access controls and a comfortable hand strap for stability.

MB8020S Portable/Bench Top/Integrated Pin Marker

Quality Pin Marking, Convenient Size

Available in a portable, bench top and integrated configurations, the MB8020S is the latest addition to MarkinBOX offering from MB Metal Technologies. With a marking area just over three inches, the MB8020S is a turnkey solution for marking a variety of parts across industries from automotive and aerospace to medical and marine.

MB1010 Portable/Bench Top/Integrated Pin Marker

Large Marking Area, Compact Size

Boasting a nearly four-inch marking area, the MarkinBOX 1010 (MB1010) provides flexible part marking capabilities for a wide range of applications. Its compact and lightweight design allows marking at any angle with the marking head directly on any area that needs to be marked. The MB1010 is easy to use and is ergonomically engineered with easy-access controls and comfortable handles for stability.

MB MarkinBOX Rotary Device

Convenience at Every Turn

The MB-ROTARY-Z for MarkinBOX models eliminates the challenges of marking around the diameter of your parts. Compatible with our popular and MB1010, MB3315 and MB8020 bench top pin markers, the MB-Rotary-Z and is easy to program and enhances the flexibility of these convenient pin markers.