MB2015 BSD

Deep Pin Marking, Large Marking Area

The MarkinBOX 2015 BSD (MB2015 BSD) provides flexible part marking capabilities for a wide range of applications. Its compact and lightweight design allows marking at any angle with the marking head directly on any area that needs to be marked. The MB2015 BSD is easy to use and is ergonomically engineered with easy-access controls and comfortable handles for stability.

In addition to its bench top capabilities, the MB2015 BSD can be integrated into a production line, depending on the demands of the manufacturing environment. The model is well-suited for use in the aerospace, automotive, electrical, marine, medical, mechanical, and oil & gas industries.

The MB2015 BSD can mark Alphanumeric Characters, as well as Logos, Time & Date, Serialization, 2D Data Matrix, and QR Codes.

The MB2015 BSD is equipped with a 5mm diameter carbide pin and a larger solenoid that allows your marks to be deeper and wider. Great for when your parts have to be painted, powder coated, or just about any other post process finish.

Applications Include :

  • Part Marking
  • Serializing
  • Numbering
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Logos
  • 2D Data Matrix & QR Codes


Marking Area 200mm X 150mm
Character Height 1mm -150mm (0.1mm Pitch)
Character Width Height x 10% ~ 200%
Number of Lines Up to 10 Lines of Text
Character Pitch .04″ (1mm) (0.1mm Pitch)
Electrical Power 120 VAC, 60Hz
Approvals UL and CE on Adapter
I.O. Input 12 / Output 8 Point
Communication Port USB/RS232C/LAN/DIO
Marking Technology Big Solenoid Drive
Marking Head Dimensions 308mm X 269mm X 249mm
Controller Dimensions 66mm X 144mm X 220mm
Marking Head Weight 13.9 lbs.  (includes 3m cable)
Controller Weight 3.1lbs

Spec Sheet :

(click image to download .PDF)