Argon Tool 29800 Air Impact Marker

Argon Tool 29800 Double Acting Air Impact Marker

The Argon Tool 29800 Double Acting Air impact Marker is available in two standard rod styles with built-in stamp holders. All rods are keyed non-rotating to insure a consistent location of mark. The marker is capable of delivering a mark throughout it’s 2-1/2″ stroke range. The marker develops its maximum impact blow of 8 tons at 80 PSI and 2-1/4″ stroke.

Options include reverse angle or sub plate mounts, 2-1/2″, 4″, and 6″ stroke lengths, rod end stamp holder altered to hold additional steel stamps, position sensors for automated applications, and non-lube coating for dry air systems and extreme working environments.


ARGON 29800 (click link to download .PDF)