Zetalase™ Fiber Laser Marker

Robust, Economical, Flexible

The Zetalase™ Fiber Laser Marking System offers more value-added features than any other system on the market. Air-cooled and maintenance-free, this powerful, full sized MOPA fiber laser system operates on 115-220VAC for low power consumption. Backed by a three year warranty, Zetalase™ ships fully assembled. It’s ideal for single or multiple part marking on all metals; carbide, painted or anodized surfaces and most plastics.

In addition to the built-in PC, Touch Screen Interface and Power Focal Height Adjustment, Zetalase™ has an increased work platform and 180° dual access door for large part handling. Available options include programmable focal height and a rotary device for 360° marking.


  • MOPA Fiber Laser Technology
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Front Sliding Part Loading Door
  • Power Focal Height Adjustment
  • Illuminated, T-Slot Work Surface
  • Front Panel System Status Lights
  • Auto Start Mode upon Door Closure


System Dimensions 40″W x 26″L x 35″H
System Weight Approx. 306lbs
Standard Marking Window 100mm x 100mm(160L Lens)
Marking Window Upgrade 140 x 140mm (254S Lens) | 165 x 165mm(254L Lens)
Standard Max. Part Size (160S Lens) 24″W x 18″L x 8.75″H
Max. Part Height Lens Upgrade (254S) 4.25″H | (254L) 2.5″H
Laser Type Ytterbium Fiber
Wavelength(nm) 1062+/-3nm
Wattage 10/20/30/50 Watt
Pulse Width(ns) (10&20W) 170ns | (30&50W)Variable
Frequency Range (10&20W)170ns | (30&50W)1-1,000kHz
Input Power Power Sensing 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Aiming Beam (2)Class 2M Red Diode 635nm
PC Windows 7 Integrated PC w/Touch Screen Monitor
Available Ports Service/Ethernet/USB/Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse
Cooling Air-Cooled
Warranty 36 Month Unlimited Hours Comprehensive
Documentation USB Drive/Quick Start Guide Software Manual/Safety Manual (All Manuals Provided in Digital Copy)

*Max. part height decreases with 254mm lens upgrades. Consult MB Metal Technologies for details.


 Zetalase™ Fiber Spec Sheet

CAD files are available. Please contact us for details.

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