MB-EBS250 Portable Inkjet Marker

Countless Surfaces, One Handy Marker

The small but powerful MB-EBS250 Portable Inkjet Marker gives our customers a convenient solution to mark almost any material quickly, even on curved surfaces. From glass, wooden shipping crates and pallets to plastic, stone, steel pipe, shrink-wrap, steel and aluminum, the MB-EBS25 marks a variety of materials legibly and durably with solvent-based ink. It is simply invaluable in identification and traceability for civil, industrial and commercial industries. replacing antiquated stencils, stamps and roll coders.

True Type fonts, as well as logos and symbols are all possible with this wireless  computer-controlled model. The MB-EBS250 is battery operated and cable-free. The printing unit can be programmed up to 300 feet away from the computer using Industrial Bluetooth Technology. A variety of ink colors are available.

Printable Materials Include:

  • Paper (Cardboard, Chipboard, Coated Stock)
  • Wood (Boxes, Packaging Materials)
  • Construction  Materials (Concrete, Stone, Drywall)
  • Metal Processing (Pipe, Sheet, Barrels, Shelving)
  • Plastics (Bags, Shrink Wrap, Styrafoam)
  • Textiles (Flooring, Bags, Banners)

Applications Include:

  • Serial Numbers
  • Tracking Numbers or Letters
  • Time/Date Stamps
  • Logos


Nozzles 16 (150 μm Diameter Each)
Max. Characters 1500 (Including Built-in Control Character)
Min. Object Size 1.38″ (35mm)
Number of Lines Up to 10 Lines of Text
Text & Graphics Windows® (True Type) Standard
Power Supply 3 Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Operating Time Up to 50 Hours Continuous on Battery
Recharging Time Less than 2.5 Hours with 24 V/1Amp DC Power
Ink Type Alcohol, Acetone, MEK, & Water
Ink Colors Black, White, Yellow, Blue & Red
Working Pressure 4.4 – 5.8 psi (0.3 – 0.4 bar) via Internal Pump
Operating Temp. 33°F – 104°F (0.5°C – 40°C)
Unit Dimensions 2.9″ W x 10.04″ H x 8.75″ D (74mm x 255mm x 222mm)
Marking Area 1.06″ (27mm) High


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