Inkjet Marking

The Mark of Portability

Compact, lightweight and wireless, the MB-EBS250 Portable Inkjet Marker puts marking convenience in the palm of your hand. Weighing in at less than two pounds, this durable, technologically advanced model marks numerous substrates quickly and easily.

MB-EBS250 Portable Inkjet Marker

Countless Surfaces, One Handy Marker

The small but powerful MB-EBS250 Portable Inkjet Marker gives our customers a convenient solution to mark almost any material quickly, even on curved surfaces. From glass, wooden shipping crates and pallets to plastic, stone, steel pipe, shrink-wrap, steel and aluminum, the MB-EBS25 marks a variety of materials legibly and durably with solvent-based ink. It is simply invaluable in identification and traceability for civil, industrial and commercial industries. replacing antiquated stencils, stamps and roll coders.