MB Metal Technologies LLC Adds Laser Marking Models

MB Metal Technologies LLC is, once again, growing its product offering with the addition of TYKMA® laser marking systems and software.

Simple, powerful and affordable, TYKMA laser marking equipment is flexible and easy to integrate into the manufacturing process. They are ideal for part

The bench top Minilase® laser marking system sets up quickly, features robust software capabilities and is simple to use for marking type, graphics, QR and data matrix codes – and more – on almost any material.

identification and traceability and will handle almost any material, surface and composition. They feature maintenance free design, an ample marking window, convenient software and easy access openings. From text, logos and graphics to UID and QR codes, TYKMA models are right on the mark for today’s industrial applications.

TYKMA Minilase® and Zetalase® models offer production ready laser marking workstations that ship fully assembled. They can be customized for a wide variety of applications and are manufactured to exacting CDRH Class 1 Safety and other international standards. Each model comes with a comprehensive two-year warranty. A variety of laser engines can be specified, based on application and budget.

Materials suitable for laser marking include:

  • All metals
  • Carbide
  • Painted or anodized materials
  • Most plastics
  • Many other substrates


TYKMA Minilase® models are compact “unpack and play” laser systems designed for bench top marking of single or multiple parts. The “easy focus” finder system provides focus on any part in seconds. Automatic features are available options. A very economical version called the Minilase-Keon™, which offers maximum operator access, will be available from MB Metal Technologies LLC in June 2013.

The Zetalase® Fiber is a freestanding laser marking system with integrated touch screen
interface that can mark parts large and small, light and heavy.

For larger part marking applications, the TYKMA Zetalse® is a robust, stand-alone system that features a spacious work envelope and accommodates a wide range of weights. An integrated touch screen monitor can be supplemented with the addition of an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, if desired. The180° access door allow fast and easy product transfer. Laser options include Fiber and Vanadate.

Complementing the TYKMA laser marking systems is user-friendly Windows®-based software that allows for mark creation, as well as file management and laser operation. Minilase®Pro is an easy to learn tool that takes the guesswork out of establishing laser marking parameters. The software automatically detects the USB connection from a laptop to the Minilase® system and includes automated date coding and serialization capabilities. Like the system it supports, Zetalse™ Pro is robust and features advance customization and control capabilities. It provides control for up to four external axes and allows the user to draw graphics and manipulate complex DXF and PLT files.

For more information on the TYKMA line of laser marking equipment from MB Metal Technologies LLC, as well as a full line of part marking solutions, please contact David Roembke at droembke@mbmetaltech.com or (800) 837-9270.